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MSP 13 Screen image burn?

Posted: Sun 10. Sep 2017, 00:13
by annie00
Has anyone had their MSP13 left with a faint image screen burn? Or is it normal?

After 5-10 mins of having worked on a comic page or leaving an internet page open there is a light whitish after image on the screen. It does disappear after 5 mins of closing the page or moving the comic page in another area of the screen. But forms another white after image wherever I drag the comic image after another 5-10 mins. These are only viewable on a greyish background.

I've set my screensaver to 2 mins to ensure nothing gets burned on and to fix any that appears while working.

This has never happened on my other tablets.

I've already put in an issue with Wacom for dust under the front camera glass about 2 weeks ago. I've only started noticing this issue last week and I want to check if this is an issue with any other MSP 13s

Re: MSP 13 Screen image burn?

Posted: Wed 7. Feb 2018, 10:02
by annie00
still experiencing the after images where a white square/rectangle is left by my canvas which can be seen on a grey screen. Had the previous wacom msp replaced.

This one started after the screen display didn't turn off while idle while I was away for 1hr.

Anyway to fix this?

Re: MSP 13 Screen image burn?

Posted: Thu 18. Oct 2018, 12:22
by sabillano
Same here, I just received mine from the wacom repair center. They replaced the Main Control PCB but it is still the same, I think is a screen issue. I read about image burn in, in computers, but I think this shouldn't happen within 5 minutes of having a white window on screen, that means I cannot even see a youtube video without having a burned image after.... that's crazy. It disappears in the next 20 minutes more or less, depends on the whiteness of the next window.

Re: MSP 13 Screen image burn?

Posted: Fri 19. Oct 2018, 08:43
by wacom5
I have not heard of this before. I will report your feedback to the team. If the issue becomes too severe, please reach out to our customer support: