NEW tablet drivers 6.3.21-10 for Windows and 6.3.21-8 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Main change is support for the new Cintiq Pro 16 model and a new 'Wacom echo' feature for MobileStudio Pro.

for Windows: Fixed several problems related to touch on display tablets. Last update for an issue with transferring paper sketches or sketching in Inkspace

for OSX: Wavy lines problem fixed polus a number of other issues fixed or improved.

New MacOS drivers!?

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby Cloda07 » Fri 21. Apr 2017, 07:17

When can we expect new drivers to fix / unbreak sticky keys? I went through the very time-consuming process of reinstalling El Capitan, and everything else, from scratch on my wife's Mac so that she could work again (and stop driving me crazy through her frustrations). I'll only think of upgrading her Mac again when it seems from the forum that everything is working fine again on Sierra or if the key software that she uses requires the latest macos (which I doubt will happen any time soon). Let's hope this doesn't all start again when macOS 10.13 comes out in September...

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby wacom1 » Fri 21. Apr 2017, 08:04

We are not aware of any 'sticky key' problem with the current Mac driver on Sierra 6.3.21-8 (see the release notes for known problems). If you refer to problems with pen clicks, pen dragging, doubleclicking, adjust the mouse doubleclick slider for best performance. If you have another problem, contact and report the details to our technical support.

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby Cloda07 » Fri 21. Apr 2017, 09:36

I don't have any problems because I reinstalled El Capitan and everything is working perfectly. I am responding to this thread where some of the users - refer to the replies by dcturner and genericusername - indicate that they have problems with sticky keys. As such, it seems that you should be aware that there is a sticky key problem for some of your users and the risk is still there for me to upgrade to Sierra. I'll wait until it is 100% confirmed that everything is working as it should, as it does already on El Capitan.

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby dsaponaro » Sat 22. Apr 2017, 15:52

I can confirm that there does seem to be an issue with he latest driver. Same issue here. Wavy or crooked lines issue seem to be fixed, but modifier keys are a mess when assigned to the button/s on the pen. Maybe this isn't THE "Sticky key issue" but Im not sure what else to call it. Seems like when I press a modifier it won't disengage. Almost like its not toggling. Cant use the eye dropper or change brush size in PS or Painter now since they're modifiers assigned to my pens rocker switch. Essentially makes my 27QHD touch useless as a tablet for painting. Mac Pro with Sierra 10.12.4.

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby bklynguy98 » Tue 25. Apr 2017, 22:43

4/25/17 11:39 AM-
Not that this is solace to all those that are suffering from driver issues but this new driver (Mac, 6.3.21-8) is working great for me. So, the issues are NOT universal with this latest driver. The wavy lines are gone (ABOUT TIME!!!!) and I do NOT experience the sticky modifier key issue. I installed 6.3.21-8 driver on both of my MacBook Pro's: 15" early 2011 and 15" mid 2012, and use both13HD and 24HD Cintiqs. And after rebooting a few times it's still working well. So, perhaps the sticky modifier key problem is not happening on older machines? Note that I before installing the new driver I backed up my Wacom's settings locally to my computer and then used Wacom's Utility to delete both the settings and the old driver (be aware the deletion requires clicking on two separate buttons in their utility app, so be sure to do both). I then restored my old settings.

Btw, most commenters on this topic neglect to mention what hardware they're using but may be very helpful in determining the scope of the problem.

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby Onii077 » Wed 26. Apr 2017, 17:49

I'm using the 6.3.21-8 drivers with a Cintiq 27 touch on a Mid2014 MacBook Pro Sierra 10.12.4 with no issues (regular, pro and art pens). I've been using mischief and photoshop (and general MacOS use) with no issues at all, this version even continues to work great with my Logitech G13 (not always the case with prior drivers).

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