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Trouble with Cintiq Pro 16 and Mac mini (Right click=

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Trouble with Cintiq Pro 16 and Mac mini (Right click=

Postby octaviogfx » Thu 10. Oct 2019, 00:16

Ok read almost every topic on Cintiq Pro 16 and nothing like this was listed. I have this annoying issue in which I right click only on Photoshop while using the brush tool and then flickers away the menu. Its stupidly annoying. Some how (I can't figure it out the pattern) it stop and on the 6th (sometimes 2nd) right click the menu stays and I can select my brushes and increase size.

On top of that when I paint, some strokes seems like they don't have pressure sensitivity on. its like a chunk of paint then I pressure again (literally no brushstroke appear) then it comes back sensitivity.

I join the ranks of disappointed Cintiq users. Been using a 24 hd, a Cintiq companion hybrid and this Pro16 and the only one that ran perfectly was my CCHybrid.... What a waste of money this device was...

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Re: Trouble with Cintiq Pro 16 and Mac mini (Right click=

Postby wacom5 » Wed 16. Oct 2019, 09:49

Which operating system are you using?
The issues you describe sound OS / Driver installation setup issues.
Did you check our public guides? See: https://support.wacom.com

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