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Cintiq 21 UX, no "Grip pen" in the "tool" section, grip pen not working

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Cintiq 21 UX, no "Grip pen" in the "tool" section, grip pen not working

Postby pierresantamaria » Sat 16. Sep 2017, 18:52


I have a really annoying bug that I can't fix and I desperatly need help.

here's my problem:
I had a power outage earlier this afternoon that forced my computer to reboot. and now, my grip pen is not recognized by my wacom cintiq 21 UX 2010. after a long search, I realised that my wacom properties panel does not dipslay the Grip pen icon in the Tools section As you can see in the image below:


Which meens I have no grip pen associated to it and I can't draw on the cintiq at all!! If, at least, there was a "+" on the right side, I might be able to add a Pen somehow but There's nothing. I'm stuck with a useless cintiq now ! I have searched online but can't find any answers that work. I already have unistalled and re-installed 2 different versions of the driver but nothing 's working.

Can someone please help me. I can't work without cintiq... :(

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Re: Cintiq 21 UX, no "Grip pen" in the "tool" section, grip pen not working

Postby wacom1 » Mon 18. Sep 2017, 07:23

Unplug and replug the tablet USB cable, then reset the driver (under Wacom Desktop Center -> Backup Settings). The tablet should be detected again. Put the pentip or eraser on the tablet and the driver should automatically detect the Grip pen.

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