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Wavy line USB issue

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Wavy line USB issue

Postby PeterKelly » Mon 25. Sep 2017, 11:00

Cintiq 24HD

Clearly, this is not a new issue as there have been many other posts, even in the previous version of the forum, so will Wacom please fix it???!!!??

As anyone who uses such tablets will almost certainly have experienced, when you first begin working the pen can draw perfectly straight lines, but if you let your machine hibernate and begin work again after waking, slow lines create waves (

As mentioned in the comments, the fix is to remove the USB lead and replace it, but this is a PITA and not a fix. Will Wacom ever release a driver that doesn't display this problem?

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Re: Wavy line USB issue

Postby wacom1 » Tue 26. Sep 2017, 08:27

After return from sleep, USB ports may sometimes work only in a low speed mode. When less data is passing through USB, you can get wavy lines. USB ports are handled on the hardware level by the operating system (and low level USB drivers). The tablet driver may not be aware of that. When you unplug and replug the cable, the port and speed are re-initialized. - For Windows systems you can go to device manager -> USB -> root hub -> properties -> power management and turn off 'Windows can turn off device to save power'.

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Re: Wavy line USB issue

Postby PeterKelly » Sun 22. Oct 2017, 16:50

Thanks for the help and it worked for a while.

However, it seems that there has been some odd Windows update, as the USB listings in Device Manager have changed. Now the USB root that I reset is not displayed. There are a couple for the USB 3.0, but where previously there were a whole variety of USB entries now there is only 9!

I don't think there is any device or driver corruption and I haven't made any changes other than the scheduled updates.
I'll try to look into it further, but if you have any insights I'd be grateful, as that annoying wavy line is back!

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Re: Wavy line USB issue

Postby ChrisTron » Thu 18. Jan 2018, 23:28

Thanks for this great tip. It was driving me mad. I am using a Wacom 24HD connected to a Mac Mini running Mac OS High Sierra with the currently latest Wacom Drivers and I get that wavy lines. I received a rather unhelpful message from the Helpdesk telling me to switch of some MS Windows feature. Unplugging and replugging the USB cable is clumsy but it does the job for now.

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