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Cintiq 27QHD switches to "power save mode"

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 27QHD switches to "power save mode"

Postby NicolasJ » Sun 1. Oct 2017, 08:35

Hi everybody,

I have a Cintiq 27 QHD touch for 2 years, everything was perfect and I really enjoyed it but I experienced recently 2 problems which may be connected :

1/ the connection between my Cintiq and my computer (Macbook pro 15 retina) became capricious : the computer screen now doesn't automatically appears on the Cintiq screen when I connects it and I have to play with the 2 connections (Thunderbolt and USB, can't guess wich one exactly) before it works. My computer fell twice so there may be a bad contact in the ports, but I also feel electricity when I touche the thunderbolt plug and I don't know if it's normal.

2/More annoying : once properly connected to the computer, a black screen with the message "Go to power save mode" appears randomly - it can be after 1 mn or 1 hour- on my Cintiq. Sometimes I can fix it by playing with the cables but most of the time the Cintiq switches off and I have to switch it on again.

Did someone experienced the same issue ? I had a look at the previous posts but couldn't find a similar situation.
Is it more likely to be a mechanical problem (cables, USB and thunderbolt ports on my computer, LCD ? - my Cintiq traveled a little bit but always with the original box and protection, and never fell nor received shocks or liquids and all pixels are here...) or something with the drivers ?

Thank you for your help !


Here below the details of my Cintiq and computer.
Mac Book pro retina 15, early 2013 (El Capitan 10.11.6)
Cintiq 27 QHD touch (spring 2015)

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Re: Cintiq 27QHD switches to "power save mode"

Postby ScotSolida » Mon 2. Oct 2017, 11:14

Yes, I had the exact same issue. Bought mine new (pre-ordered it before it was actually released) and after almost three years of minimal use, it began giving me the Power Save thing. I spent months going back and forth with Wacom to diagnose it, but in the end I had to send it in for repair. They replaced the entire LCD and sent it back a few days later. Since the issue began before the warranty ran out, they honored it and repaired it free of charge. I haven't used it much since (I'm a bit scared to, now!) but so far it has been behaving as it should.

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Re: Cintiq 27QHD switches to "power save mode"

Postby NicolasJ » Tue 3. Oct 2017, 18:47

Thank you for your answer @ScotSolida !

I actually read your post when I was looking for similar problems, and hoped there was a less radical solution for my case :)
Do yo know what is the usual price to change the LCD (unfortunately the issue began 1 year after the warranty ran out) ?

I also have some issues with the graphic card on my computer and it will be fixed next week so I hope it may be the cause of my problems.


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Re: Cintiq 27QHD switches to "power save mode"

Postby ScotSolida » Wed 4. Oct 2017, 10:14

I'm afraid I don't know what the price is. Maybe someone from Wacom will step in and say. It was a heart wrenching and frustrating experience when it happened and coming only a year after I'd had a bad experience (though excellent support from Wacom) with a Cintiq Companion, my confidence in the unit was terribly shaken.

Nevertheless, Wacom support has been helpful and fast (I had better luck with email than phone support). I was very happy with how it all turned out (in both cases - with the 27QHD Touch and the Cintiq Companion)

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Re: Cintiq 27QHD switches to "power save mode"

Postby MattVG » Sat 7. Oct 2017, 16:19

Well... having read this thread it would seem there may be no hope for me except to get my Cintiq repaired (hopefully I'm wrong). Here's what I wrote to technical support:

I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit, 16GB RAM, and a GTX 1080 on a dual monitor setup. I woke my machine up this morning to find my Cintiq 27QHD Touch is no long receiving a signal. If I disconnect my secondary monitor the Cintiq shows the boot screen and info all the way up until Windows 8.1 actually loads, then it no longer receives signal. I've not installed anything recently, so I don't know what might have changed.

Strangely enough, the pen and touch gestures still work, but they're showing on the secondary monitor. I've reinstalled the Wacom tablet driver, I've reinstalled the Nvidia driver, and I've unplugged and replugged all cords to make sure an unseated cord wasn't the issue.

Wacom Desktop Center recognizes my display, but Windows device manager shows only my secondary monitor.

It would seem to be a system issue since the tablet and display on the Cintiq work, but I don't know how to fix it.

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Re: Cintiq 27QHD switches to "power save mode"

Postby wacom1 » Sun 8. Oct 2017, 06:48

As long as you get a display at least before start of Windows the display itself is working. There are 2 things that could be wrong, when it is not seen by Windows:
a) connection: when Windows is starting, it may switch analog/digital connection for the monitor - so check the cable and VGA/DVI switch if your tablet has that
b) graphics driver/display driver issue: check in device manager, if a device has a problem mark - a device driver could be corrupted and stop
also check graphics driver settings, update or reinstall the graphics driver. (If Windows shows a second display attached, it might still have to be activated.)

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Re: Cintiq 27QHD switches to "power save mode"

Postby NicolasJ » Wed 18. Oct 2017, 08:03

Thank you for your answers @Scot @ Mat and @Wacom.
Here is a small update for my case : I brought my MacbookPro to the Apple center last 2 weeks ago for a possible issue with the graphic card. It was indeed the graphic card and they accepted to change the logicboard for free since it was an usual problem on the generation of my model. Since I got my computer back I experienced no problem with my cintiq : the screen switches on as soon as I connect it to the computer and the black screen with the horrible "powerful mode" doesn't appear again. I worked on my cintiq all day long and didn't have a problem. So I hope it was all because of the graphic card.

Concerning the assistance,I agree with ScotSolida : I contacted the Wacom Support by phone in Netherlands last month for a XPress key problem.
The guy was very kind first but I never received the mail he promissed to send me to check and fix the issue, nor called me back. Very disappointing regarding the price we are ready to pay for the wacom products.

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