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Cintiq Pro 13 crashes my computer

Posted: Fri 30. Dec 2016, 21:01
by YoSeiMi
I have just got a hold of a Pro 13 and I am having some trouble.

My PC seem to recognize it fine and all. Though I have yet to get the display to work, as I lack the necessary ports, but that should be besides the point and not have any effect on my problem (right?).
The main issue I am having is that whenever I use the pen on the tablet, or use the touch function basically, I get a blue screen of death/my computer has to restart.

I must say that I am impressed with how smooth the flow of the pen is, of what little I have been able to see of it at least... :/

So I would like to know if anyone think this could be an issue with my computer hardware. My PC is not that new/topnotch, so I was thinking that maybe I need to update some parts.
I know it is not an easy thing to answer without much details, but I thought I should ask anyway. Unless you think this is a driver/software issue.

Re: Cintiq Pro 13 crashes my computer

Posted: Mon 2. Jan 2017, 11:12
by wacom1
Did you already update the driver ? And try to turn off touch when using the pen ?