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imac and cintiq 16 colors NOT Matching after driver update

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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imac and cintiq 16 colors NOT Matching after driver update

Postby angrygymnast » Tue 28. Nov 2017, 05:59

Hello, wacom.
Well, I'll try to explain my situation as better as I can.
I bought a cintiq. whenever I chose a color profile, the screen changes (as expected) to the chosen color. When I exit from the cog panel, the colors don't stay as shown in the preview. The go darker or brighter, depending on the chosen profile.
This is causing a serious mismatch between my IMac (it's a new iMac on sierra, not high sierra) and of course I am expecting a 100% match.
I started noticing that the chose color profile didn't stay put (once I exited) just yesterday. I would like to know why is this.

I used to have adobe 1998 profile on both iMac and Cintiq and they matched perfectly. Now they don't. They just don't. And I AM going crazy with this because it all changed once the driver was updated.
Also for some weird reason I had to continually switch my profile on the cintiq because it forced me to use the cintiq's default, which made the blues, purple. PLEEEEASEEEE, help. it's been hell color wise with this product.

Heryby I attach to links to images and one video so you can see what's going on. The video is in spanish (as I had to show it to a friend) but it's pretty self explanatory. You can see the chosen color profile switch once I close the admin panel window. it sucks.
Please help ... 5.MOV?dl=0 ... 0.JPG?dl=0

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Re: imac and cintiq 16 colors NOT Matching after driver update

Postby wacom1 » Thu 30. Nov 2017, 12:19

The tablet driver itself handles only the pen data from the tablet and not the display, but it installs also a 'display settings' utility, that you can see in Wacom Desktop Center. It can be used to change color temperature, brightness of the display. Perhaps one of those settings were changed back to defaults ?

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Re: imac and cintiq 16 colors NOT Matching after driver update

Postby angrygymnast » Thu 30. Nov 2017, 22:27

thanks for the reply, I looked at the wacom setting (wacom display settings) and if it is set in the cinti16 calibration default the purples shown on my cintiq look blue. also I am experiencing colors being a bit desaturated. This happened since the beginning. I am working with a 5k iMac monitor. Ram is not an issue. Reds look a bit off.
I've worked with cintiqs before but this is the first time I am experiencing this.This is the first one I own. I connected the cintiq to other computers but the result is always the same. Colors are off.
I was able to "match" it using my imac monitor on the default color setting and the wacom on adobe 1998. If I set it on imac as the computer the colors on the cintiq look terribly washed off.
I've tested with different profiles but it still looks off. Since I bought it for illustration it is really crucial that the color matches otherwise I cannot know for sure how saturated the colors are.

I don't know if my unit is faulty. Like I said I had other experiences with Cintiqs at work when you just plug it in and you were good to go.

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