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Cintiq 27 touch various issues

Posted: Thu 7. Dec 2017, 10:10
by MeLtingBrAinZ
So i have this display for about 1,5 year, from the start i had some issues that at some point i resolved somehow but now they are back.
the screen started going randomly on power saving and back on all the time, and after that stopped somehow, now im left with 4 options of low resolution arround 720p or so and for the life of me cannot get back to full resolution. i tried removing and installing again the drivers, i tried changing connections etc.etc.

So if anyone can help a bit it would be greatly apprieciated cause i really dont know what makes this happen or how i can fix it!
thank you in advance!

Re: Cintiq 27 touch various issues

Posted: Thu 7. Dec 2017, 10:20
by wacom1
For problems with display resolution and frequency check the cable connection and graphics driver - the tablet driver is not involved in the display (apart from installing an independent display settings utility for adjusting color temperature and brightness. But. The display works even when the tablet driver is not installed.)

Check the cable connection under cover in the back of the tablet, if possible check with a direct cable - displayport prefered. In graphics driver check also the settings for color depth - that can affec the maximum resolution and frequency.

Re: Cintiq 27 touch various issues

Posted: Thu 7. Dec 2017, 11:06
by MeLtingBrAinZ
well the connections seem fine as far as i can tell (i use display port), i also updated my nvidia drivers but nothing changed. for some reason im still only getting 720p and 480p resolutions. i even tried to force the resolution through the nvidia panel with custom res. but still nothing

edit. also i should specify that i use cintiq along with another monitor, that doesn't share any of the resolution problems. cintiq is set as primary (in case that could be the problem)

udate: so after trying to find out whats wrong and failing, somehow i ended up having the idea to unplug everything from the power source, both the pc and the tablet, with the hope that this will help reset everything and magicaly enough everything is back to normal now.

update2: aaaand its gone. so back to square one i guess, right when everything was fine and i continued working, there it is again- screens turns off, screen turns on and were back to 720p