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Cintiq 12wx with fluctuating sensitivity.

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Sat 9. Dec 2017, 03:57

Cintiq 12wx with fluctuating sensitivity.

Postby Diadorin » Sat 9. Dec 2017, 04:11


I own a 6 y/o 12wx who's been doing a great job, but lately i've been noticing a change in pressure sensitivity at random occasions, i work with my pressure sensitivity on my settings set to Hard/Firm but during these times it feels like it takes way less pressure to reach maximum pressure.

I have 4 pens and i'm getting this with all of them [except for one who has a faulty coil so that one's already sensitive], and, while it didn't start doing this right away after i installed it, my OS is Windows 10 and my driver's version is 6.3.25-5.

Don't know if it's useful, but when i turn my Cintiq on and off sometimes it will stop working and the settings will tell me there's no tablets connected [a quick reboot will solve it though].

Is it time to retire my old friend or there's a way to solve it? Regardless, thank you in advance!

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Re: Cintiq 12wx with fluctuating sensitivity.

Postby wacom1 » Sat 9. Dec 2017, 09:36

This could be hardware or software and needs mor checking: especially connections to powersupply and USB, try another USB port. - When the problem happens, test pressure in the driver diagnostics and try to restart the driver (doubleclick on a settings backup file). For Win10 check USB power saving options as well.

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