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Dirt Under Cintiq Screen

Posted: Wed 4. Jan 2017, 19:11
by amyoffmodel
Hi Friends, I just got a 'like new' cintiq 21ux from europe and it is in great condition. Unfortunately in shipping, some specks of styrofoam got under the screen. It looks like powder.
I've taken my Intuos apart for water damage. Does Cintiq come apart? Anyone tried it? Any other suggestions?
ALSO my OSD buttons aren't working. I'm using the DVI input and have set the video card to use the monitor's settings. Any setting I'm missing?
Someone from 2005 please help me, I'm so excited about this tablet!
Thank you!

Re: Dirt Under Cintiq Screen

Posted: Tue 7. Nov 2017, 09:55
by dmkiel
hi i have the similar problem.
i got a demonstration model for cheap a few years back. it still works like a charm, but the dirt specs between the digitizer surface and the actual screen have turned into powder by now. it doesn't diminish the functionality, but it certainly is irritating, as especialy with dark paintings i sometimes think the specs are on the painting and not the tablet.
i have tried to take it apart but i get stuck on the surface part. i looks like its glued together for good, even though dirt makes it under there---
maybe somebody got the same problem and was able to fix it?
or does anybody has experience with taking this thing apart entirely?

Re: Dirt Under Cintiq Screen

Posted: Tue 7. Nov 2017, 12:33
by wacom1
For some tablet models the glass surface is glued to the LCD panel and cannot be taken apart without distruction. For other model the glass can be taken off and cleaning is possible - but should only be done in a special dust-free environment - otherwise you always get new dust inside. - Wacom support should be able to tell you, if your tablet model is fixable and provide a cost estimate.