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Intermittent pressure sensitivity loss in Photoshop

Posted: Thu 5. Jan 2017, 03:27
by Christof888
I'm using a Cintiq 22HD, Windows 10, Photoshop CS6. Intermittently my stylus/tablet loses pressure sensitivity, e.g. suddenly a brush with opacity and size set to pressure will make a big opaque mark (basically it behaves like a mouse click). This will continue as long as I hold the stylus down, but if I lift it normal functionality returns (for a while).

It's hard to reproduce perfectly consistently, but I can almost always make the problem appear if I hover the tip of the stylus just above the glass, then gently bring it into contact with the glass. I have had this problem on other systems but usually fixed it by rolling back the tablet drivers. That did not work here (I have the latest driver: 6.3.19 I think it is). I have tried disabling 'use windows ink' as well as all other Windows pen and flick functionality. Nothing seems to help.

Re: Intermittent pressure sensitivity loss in Photoshop

Posted: Fri 6. Jan 2017, 15:45
by Christof888
update here: after trying more fixes than I could possibly list out (including anything I could find on the web), I was able to fix this problem. First I identified that it was specifically with PS (e.g. not Krita or Clip Studio), so I downloaded a trial of CC 2017 and the problem did not show up (though CC 2017 has another bug which is pretty bad, anywho). I bought CC 2017, which triggered an automatic update of CS6, and that fixed the problem (even though I thought CS6 was fully updated).

Re: Intermittent pressure sensitivity loss in Photoshop

Posted: Mon 22. Jan 2018, 17:28
by netwalker2010
Yep. I confirm that. I had the same annoying problem. I installed Photoshop CC 2015, opened it and clic on menu Help -> Updates (or something like that (check updates or whatever)). I updated everything on the list. Reboot and BUM, the problem was gone. I'm happy as hell. Thanks buddy.