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Can't calibrate the pen on Cintiq PRO 16'

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Can't calibrate the pen on Cintiq PRO 16'

Postby Aleko153 » Tue 2. Jan 2018, 21:39

I'm new from the forum and english isn't my language... So I try my best!

I own a Mac PRO Retina mid 2015 with OSX 10.13.2, and I have a problem in pen calibration on my Cintiq 16 PRO.
Essentially there's a gap between the point of the pencil and the cursor on the screen, that may variate in the different areas of the screen of 3 to 6mm.

I tried several times to recalibrate, but nothing happen.
I'm pretty desperate, hope someone can help.

Best, Ale

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Re: Can't calibrate the pen on Cintiq PRO 16'

Postby wacom1 » Wed 3. Jan 2018, 09:50

First make sure the full Cintiq resolution is used, then reset driver settings (in Wacom Desktop Center -> backup settings), then calibrate. We recommend holding the pen perpendicular for that for best results. It should always be exact in middle of screen. If you find deviation towards screen boarders, you can try to 'overcompensate' - clicking besides the crosses on a line from screen center to screen corner. (But that should not be needed normally.)

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