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Battery on ExpressKeys Remote

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Battery on ExpressKeys Remote

Postby RobArt » Thu 4. Jan 2018, 06:12


For some time now, and I posted two other posts about it without reply, I have had this strange situation with my ExpressKeys remote.
So when it happened today I thought I would take screenshots to show the error, and hope for a fix.

Basically the remote becomes strangle random in it's actions, when I assume it is running out of power. I say assume, as you can see from some of the screenshots of the battery indicator that it says 87%.
Now, what occurs, is I can be painting, like today, and suddenly, regardless of having fingers on the remote or not, the settings screen appears. But not only that a warning saying the devise is short on battery and also the canvas resize screen. It has happened every time I have had to recharge.
I can dig getting the warning modal, but the two other panels, why does this happen?
Also, why does the battery indicator only show 100% and 87% regardless of it's state?
Please fix this, the Mac OS bluetooth battery indicator is perfect and a good example on how it should be.


What happens first; several windows open - settings, battery warning modal and Canvas resize window.


Windows after Settings screen has been dismissed.


Battery Menu Bar status


Wacom Control Centre Battery Status
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