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Re: Battery on ExpressKeys Remote

Posted: Thu 12. Mar 2020, 08:22
by RobArt
Well, you can add. This version of the driver messes with calibration on initial boot, and I can't even click the "calibrate" button as it's greyed out!!!
I'm going back to the older version till you fix this!

Re: Battery on ExpressKeys Remote

Posted: Thu 12. Mar 2020, 08:58
by wacom5
It would be better if you could report the issue to the customer support team. We need all the data we can get to help us fix it.

As for the battery status of the ExpressKey Remote, we haven't been able to reproduce it so it would also be helpful if you could report it to the support team. It's not impossible that this could be a hardware issue but more testing would be required and it's not possible to do this through the forum.

The contact for the support team is in my signature below.

Re: Battery on ExpressKeys Remote

Posted: Thu 12. Mar 2020, 09:06
by RobArt
Whilst my Cintiq was under warranty I reported it several times on phone, email etc. Nothing ever seemed to get done.

They kept asking if I can test on a second computer. Like I have a second iMac lying around to use for testing. The alternative was to send my Cintiq back at my expense to have it looked at. A total of possible 3 weeks that I couldn't work.

I have resigned to bare the issues and find workaround solutions.
I am able to function with the WacomTablet_6.3.37-3 driver. I will stick with this.

Re: Battery on ExpressKeys Remote

Posted: Sun 10. May 2020, 14:36
by MiekeRoth
I have the same problem. Bought the ExpressKeys Remote a week ago. It works fine but at 87% it says that the battery is low. Got the latest drivers

Re: Battery on ExpressKeys Remote

Posted: Thu 9. Jul 2020, 09:40
by RobArt
I finally have a new computer attached to my Cintiq.

I can NOW confirm this issue still remains even though I have worked on the new connection for some 2 weeks.
Twice it has told me the device is low on battery, even though the Remote was at 87% and the warning light below was not on.

So, something is afoot, and it's not my computer.



Re: Battery on ExpressKeys Remote

Posted: Sat 2. Jan 2021, 14:14
by Exoskeleton1994
Same here, Mac 10.14.6 and the EK battery status never goes under 75%, and when I charge it, it only says "charged". Only the red light can help.