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Pen problem on photoshop (cintiq pro)

Posted: Mon 8. Jan 2018, 12:27
by poildimberbe
just got a new Cintiq pro, everything worked well but then it suggested me to calibrate and then nothing worked. There's a cursor offset but only when i'm on Photoshop because it works on Corel painter. Really frustrating.

Re: Pen problem on photoshop (cintiq pro)

Posted: Tue 9. Jan 2018, 10:56
by wacom1
You can open Wacom Desktop Center -> Backup Settings -> Reset settings to reset the driver, so it forgets the calibration. - If the general mapping is ok, but you want different mapping/calibration in some application, you can add this app in the driver control panel, and select the pen, the app and calibration or mapping for this situation.