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CintiqPro13FHD No Signal

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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CintiqPro13FHD No Signal

Postby resk181 » Mon 8. Jan 2018, 12:47

I buy a brand new Cintiq Pro 13 FHD and if i connect that to the laptop - tablet works but on the display is "No signal" ...
Connected via USB-C cable - Wacom link adapter - USB + MiniDP/HDMI cable - USB and HDMI connectors

I contact the wacom support and there is no other option to connect - i have to buy another brick ( ... er~HDMI2DP)..... its shame for 115$

Is there any other option to connect my laptop with Cintiq? I cant believe that i must buy this brick :(

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Re: CintiqPro13FHD No Signal

Postby wacom1 » Tue 9. Jan 2018, 10:35

The Cintiq Pro supports only displayport signals, so needs to be connected by USB-C (Alternet Mode displayport) or with the Wacom Link to displayport. It is not supporting HDMI. Wacom is working on a solution for this, which should be available soon. - Before that you need some active converter transforming HDMI to displayport signal. - (And besides that: Windows machines do not automatically extend or mirror the desktop to an attached monitor, you have to enable that in display settings, otherwise the Cintiq still gets 'no signal'.)

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Re: CintiqPro13FHD No Signal

Postby resk181 » Tue 9. Jan 2018, 11:23

Ok, so if i buy this adapter ... er~HDMI2DP
could you tell me info how can i connect this to the Cintiq? I think that required some another cable/reduction from miniDP(M) to DP(M) ?
because that adapter doesnt include miniDP and at Cintiq box there is no DP cable, just miniDP :(

How exactly is that working and what else i must buy to start working on Cintiq? Thanks

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