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Pen problems Cintiq27/Photoshop

Posted: Tue 9. Jan 2018, 11:07
by rumpenstiltzkin
This is a problem that I keep having with Cintiqs.

When drawing in photoshop the pen suddenly looses all its settings (pen pressure/sensitivity/brush settings) and draws one big blobby line and then it works fine again the next stroke. It does this every other or third stroke, it depends but I just cant get rid of this problem, and it is becoming extremely frustrating!

I have had this problem (plus wavy/squiggly lines) on my home cintiq24 but was able to solve that by using much older drivers and now I am problemfree at home but using a cintiq27 at work and it doesnt seem to be as easy to solve this?

The pen also now and then lose contact with the screen, so I have to nudge the mouse in order for the pen to "wake up" again, also quite frustrating as it doesnt happen once or twice a day, but every other minute or so. It kinda disrupts the workflow :/

Im using Cintiq27, photoshop CS5, windows 10... dont know whats causing it and I cant find a solution, anyone else having the same problem?

Sidenote, we have 3 cintiq27 at work and its the same problem on 2 of them, on one of the others we have PS CC and the problem is the same so dont think its a problem with old or new version of PS.

I have tried reinstalling, turning off windows ink, and I dont know. Tried alot of stuff. Help!

Re: Pen problems Cintiq27/Photoshop

Posted: Thu 11. Jan 2018, 12:13
by rumpenstiltzkin
noone? this is driving me crazy :C

Re: Pen problems Cintiq27/Photoshop

Posted: Sat 20. Jan 2018, 16:42
by netwalker2010
Hi there,

I have the same problem and no solution too.
Drawing is frustrating and nearly impossible. I can't also find a solution to this random thick strokes issue. I had the wacom cintiq 21UX with the same problem in the past, and I found out reading a lot of threads that there was a magic driver: WacomTablet_615-3a.exe
All my problems were gone with that. But now, with the Cintiq 27QHD DTK-2700... I just can't work.
I tried:
* Delete photoshop settings
* Clean uninstall driver and reinstall
* Driver update, graphics driver and windows update
* Deactivate double click
* Deactivate windows pen tablet recognition and hold click stuff
* Clear wacom preferences.
* Win7 compatibility on Photoshop.exe
* Kill process to get all the free memory possible

I don't know, I'm probably missing more tries.

I have a 1500$ useless tool. :-(

Any ideas anybody?

Re: Pen problems Cintiq27/Photoshop

Posted: Mon 22. Jan 2018, 17:32
by netwalker2010
Ok, I got a solution.

Like Christof888 said in his post, all the problems were gone updating Photoshop. In order to do that, I needed to install Photoshop CC 2015. Trial version is enough, I think. Then you open it, go to menu Help -> Check updates (or similar name). Update everything on the list (Adobe account is needed, it's free). Reboot and the problem was gone. Windows updated as well with all the patches.

Yeah, it worked. Consider to take a look to the tool "Fix my pen". Search that on google. It's very useful to get this problem gone.