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Possible issue with 6.3.27-2 on 27QHD and Win7

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Possible issue with 6.3.27-2 on 27QHD and Win7

Postby batiste » Tue 9. Jan 2018, 20:34


I'm currently facing a new issue, that wasn't here before, and it appeared right after I installed 6.3.27-2.

What it does :
- When I use the CTRL+U shortcut on photoshop CS6, it will cause several bugs on photoshop that make it unusable
- the same happens if I use the menu instead of the shortcut
- symptom 1 : it selects the color picking tool, which more or less works (doens seem to work on white color)
- symptom 2 : several features are greyed-out, including the hue/saturation panel and a part of the top bar
- and in the end I'm forced to kill the process to exit.

My setup :
- Win 7, maj done
- CS 6
- Wacom 27QHD, just installed 6.3.27-2

Tests done :
- With my cintiq 13HD touch, things still work normally
- With no tablet connected, things still work normally

Anyone facing the same issues, or having ideas about possible fixes ?
At least, do you know if I should install the previous version (and how) ?


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Re: Possible issue with 6.3.27-2 on 27QHD and Win7

Postby wacom1 » Wed 10. Jan 2018, 10:18

You have Cintiq27 as well as Cintiq13 connected same time ? Using the Ctrl+U command on keyboard always works fine ? - It could be a driver bug showing up in some conditions. To fix it or work around, you can try to change the command (Photoshop preferences -> shortcuts), so that another shortcut is used instead of Ctrl-U. The other option is uninstalling the driver, restarting Windows and installing an older version.

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Joined: Tue 9. Jan 2018, 20:24

Re: Possible issue with 6.3.27-2 on 27QHD and Win7

Postby batiste » Mon 22. Jan 2018, 11:45

Hi wacom1,

Thank you for your help.

I'd like to clarify a few things :
- I didn't plug both at the same time : all the tests were done with Cintiq27 or Cintiq13, never both of them.
- The CTRL+U shortcut and the menu button have the same (disastrous) effect. I don't think changing the shortcut will change the behavior of the menu.

Consequently, your last advice looks more likely to help : reinstalling an older driver. I'll try to find some time to study how I can do this.

Thank you for your help.

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