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Cintiq Pro 16 Display is no longer detected after 6.3.27-2 Update and Video Firmware Update

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq Pro 16 Display is no longer detected after 6.3.27-2 Update and Video Firmware Update

Postby jpartida » Mon 15. Jan 2018, 18:49

So last night on my Wacom Desktop Center I downloaded the 6.3.27-2 Update and installed the Video firmware update for the Cintiq Pro 16(1/14/18). Before these updates, my tablet was working just fine. I was working on a project in PS just before updating. I restarted my laptop after installation, turned on the Cintiq, the screen lit up and Wacom logo showed up as normal but now the right hand corner displays the message "Display port 3" (rather than the resolution and at what hz) and "Information: No signal."

I did not change any computer settings or move/touch any connector cables. The setup was kept the same because my Cintiq pro 16 worked just fine. It was only after these updates that my display no longer worked. Unfortunately, I did not backup previous device settings so no way to restore my Cintiq prior update. I was confident the update was going to work just fine as it always did before – lesson learned.

When the Cintiq pro is turned on…
- Wacom Desktop Center does recognize “Cintiq Pro 16” under devices.
- When I click Wacom Display Settings, I get a popup that says, “No Wacom Displays. No supported Wacom pen display connected. This software is not required by and does not work with all Wacom tablets.”
-Touch and pen work just fine (any touch or pen movement on the Cintiq is reflected on my laptop display)

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the tablet/Wacom program. Unplugging and reconnecting cables but nothing has resolved the problem. Would appreciate some help! Thank you!

(A little background on my cable setup (my laptop only has USB and HDMI ports):
USB-C (connected to 3rd port on Cintiq) to USB-C/ To Wacom Link / output is USB and MiniDP; connect USB to USB port on laptop and MiniDP to DP Accell cable /to Gofanco HDMI to Display port convertor. This setup has always worked for me.)

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Re: Cintiq Pro 16 Display is no longer detected after 6.3.27-2 Update and Video Firmware Update

Postby wacom1 » Tue 16. Jan 2018, 11:48

Contact Wacom support in your region with this problem. Probably the unit needs to got for repair/exchange.

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