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Problems with Cintiq27QHD touch - Keyboard on wrong monitor

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Problems with Cintiq27QHD touch - Keyboard on wrong monitor

Postby sannibird » Fri 26. Jan 2018, 11:39

This is maybe just a note for the professional patchers, i'm not sure there is a quick-fix for it.

Ever since the last driver updats yesterday (both windows and wacom, wacom on purpose but win10 updates without asking for permission) my laptop seems to have issues recognizing the Cintiq as the touchscreen --> The touch keyboard ALWAYS ends up on my laptop screen.

I have tried the Windows Tablet PC Setting "setup" thing, it did not work. The tool accepted the touch input, but not the pen input, and even with touch input confirmed did the keyboard pop up on my laptop again.

I tried reversing the monitor hirarchy to wacom primary and laptop secondary - the touch keyboard vanished completely and could not be called back.

I have replugged and restarted multiple times, and with the re-setting of the hirarchy to the way it was before the touch keyboard also came back, but still on my laptop.

Conclusion: There might be something off with the drivers.

On a side note: if I plug in the Cinitq after starting my laptop, the laptop recognizes it as a secondary screen alright, but the Wacom Desktop Centre (and other tablet menus) shows "no tablet connected". I have made it a habit to restart the laptop after connecting the Cinitq, that works; so there seems to be some sort of communication issue if both are not started up together.

Thanks for the patching, you are doing great work!

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