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Art Pen's Future for Cintiq Pro's

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Art Pen's Future for Cintiq Pro's

Postby yariv6131 » Sun 28. Jan 2018, 17:21

I wish to purchase the Cintiq 24 Pro as an upgrade for my Cintiq HD 24 Pro (which works just fine). One of the features I like about the this tablet is that that Art pen which supports barrel rotation (which I use often) only works with these cintiqs. Can wacom shed some light on a) does this current default stylus or 3D stylus support rotation b) can my current art pen be used with the newer models. c) what plans does wacom have to preserve this wonderful feature in future products.

Thank you

Don't launch these cintiqs until they ready for prime time.

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Re: Art Pen's Future for Cintiq Pro's

Postby wacom1 » Thu 1. Feb 2018, 09:37

The Artpen for Intuos4/5/Pro is compatible with the Cintiq Pro and new Intuos Pro models - and should also work with the upcoming Cintiq Pro 24/32 versions. Only the Artpen supports barrel rotation. The 3D pen also needs the neuer Cintiq Pro/Intuos Pro tablets - it is basically a pen with a third button, which may work in supported 3D applications for tumble/rotate/pan/zoom. These are software functions, not hardware rotation in the pen.

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