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Cintiq 13HD won't turn on

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Sun 18. Feb 2018, 09:21

Cintiq 13HD won't turn on

Postby SamArt » Sun 18. Feb 2018, 10:16

Hello, i have Cintiq 13HD since 3 years ago, was working fine with my MacBook Pro 17' (mid 2010), few days ago, decide to install it at Mac Pro at work, having a lot of drawing work, when i plug the AC adapter, it has electricity short, i changed the head, and plug it again, all cables connected perfectly to the tablet, trying to power on the tablet, LED light doesn't on! thought some damage effect the 3 in 1 cable or the AC adapter, called today Wacom branch in Dubai, what a surprise!!! they don't have technical service through phone!!! seriously Wacom!! so have to visit and invest money again!!
Anyway, after some googling, i changed HDMI connector, install 2 drivers as following: (WacomTablet_6.3.19-10) & (WacomTablet_6.3.17-5) both installed fine, when i plug the cable into tablet the monitor changed to the second screen unplug monitor goes back to normal , but still the tablet screen is OFF!! SO i have no issue with any cables or adapter, or WHAT?! went to Wacom tablet in preference, it give " A supported tablet was not found on the system"
Bring back my laptop and try it, also the same issue. Any help for this issue please!!

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