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screen protector for pro 16

Posted: Thu 1. Mar 2018, 21:18
by kangum
Is anyone using a screen protector for the cintiq pro 16. I have been looking for a good one for my tablet but all the ones on amazon are rated 1 star.

Re: screen protector for pro 16

Posted: Sun 4. Mar 2018, 01:30
by deltahotel
I am using atFoliX.
Already used their products for my Intuos Pro M and also using them for my Cintiq Pro 16 too.

Their naming convention is a bit awkward, at least on amazon all of their products start with 'FX-Antireflex' but there are big differences.

I picked once 'FX-Shock-Clear' (which is also labeled ''FX-Antireflex', so you have to read the description), it is a thicker protector that is supposed to literally protect your device surface from items dropping on it. You can compare it to smartphone shock-protectors.
The surface is very smooth and I didn't like it, too smooth.

For my taste the protector that is featuring anti-reflection is much better. They have two of them the regular 'FX-Antireflex' and 'FX-Antireflex HD'.
At the moment I am still using the regular 'FX-Antireflex' the display quality is slightly reduced but for my work sufficient, at least it got more grip than with those FX-...-Clear versions.
Next time I will try the "HD" version, but unfortunately you will never get as much grip as the device offers by default.

Handling is easy.. if uncertain get someone to help you to attach it (recommended on the 27inch device). The FX-Shock is much easier to attach due to it's thickness.

Re: screen protector for pro 16

Posted: Sun 4. Mar 2018, 12:03
by catparty
I use an anti-glare one from Healing Shield for my wacom pro 13 and it works great.

Re: screen protector for pro 16

Posted: Sun 4. Mar 2018, 15:01
by kangum
Thanks guys. I bought a atFoliX from ebay. I did not understand the versions much so I think I got the thicker shock one. All I can do is try it and see if I like it. I actually like the cintiq pro 16 naked I love the texture and the clarity but it already has a small scratch so I want to put a protector on it before it gets worse.

Re: screen protector for pro 16

Posted: Mon 5. Mar 2018, 00:05
by deltahotel
heh, their product-titles are quiet messy... the fx-shock is very smooth, if you like the texture (grip) of the cintiq, then I doubt you will feel comfortable with it. pick a glass-plate and virtually draw with your pen on it.. at least I didn't like it.

I was worried about scratches too, but I bought the protector already in advance. Did follow the weird 'nib wear off' complains in the past.. so I got worried that wacom might strengthen the nibs.. or soften the tablet/cintiq surface.. :o

..and personally.. I'd rather replace the nibs every 2 weeks than wind up with scratches on the surface..