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Cintiq 13 pro: Windows 10 Acer R15: No Display

Posted: Tue 3. Apr 2018, 19:10
by lababomination
Hello! I have looked around for quite a bit to find a fix for my problem, but alas, none of them seem to work. I will go through a quick list of what I have tried and such:

Replaced entire Wacom device (via the store return policy) As they believed it was something wrong with the device itself. However, the device hooked up properly (through the Thunderbolt 3, and then through the adapter HDMI and UBS, both of which allow it to work like an intous/bamboo). So the problem is not in the Wacom device itself, or its cords. Nor it's adapters. My computer has 3 USBs, 1 Thunderbolt 3, and an HDMI. I do not have the thunderbolt 2.

Done the whole shebang with extending the desktop display( It does not DETECT! I am sure this is where the problem is). However, I have gone through the hoops of updating, rolling back and all the jazz. The adapters and the monitors via Device Manager.

So, my question is, is there some magic driver I am missing? Perhaps with my NVIDIA Geforce 940 or my intel core(Intel CORE i7)?

I am willing to try anything (other than buying a secondary computer, because that would be just heartbreaking after the investment I put in this Wacom)

Ask me anything and thanks ahead of time!

Re: Cintiq 13 pro: Windows 10 Acer R15: No Display

Posted: Wed 4. Apr 2018, 05:27
by wacom1
For the display you need either a connection USB-C to USB-C to a computer supporting USB-C displayport alternate mode, or the Wacom Link and a displayport connection. If your computer does not support displayport, you would need a HDMI to Displayport adapter. Most HDMI-DP adapters work only the other way round and convert displayport signals to HDMI. I suggest to contact Wacom support as we are working on a solution for HDMI connections.

Re: Cintiq 13 pro: Windows 10 Acer R15: No Display

Posted: Thu 5. Apr 2018, 19:58
by fffranz
I had the same Problem: i solved it with this items:

-UGREEN HDMI DisplayPort 1m HDMI to Displayport
+ 15cm DisplayPort® auf Mini DisplayPort® Adapter
+ UGREEN 2m Mini Displayport auf Displayport Adapterkabel Mini

My Graphics-Card has 1 Displayport and 2 HDMI. The items obove i used with the HDMI - and it works.
Good luck - Frank