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Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Sun 6. Dec 2020, 09:13

Cintiq Pro 24” - constant fan noise?

Postby Nickelb » Sun 6. Dec 2020, 09:37

Hi guys,

I bought a Cintiq Pro 24”, I’ve only used it a few times as I find myself avoiding it because the fans are so loud and are constantly going, regardless if I’m doing anything at all on it, I can still hear the fans over my noise-cancelling headphones and the tablet screen gets hot so quickly I have to wear gloves literally just because of the heat.

I expect this might be normal because it’s running a 4K screen?
I find it so off-putting and hard to work calmly because when you hear fans like such you kinda associate it with “abnormal use”, like you’re pushing a product to its limits and potentially damaging it. (I’m used to the no-noise from the Cintiq 16” and my iMac desktop never has fans going even while doing 3D stuff, so I’ve learned to associate fans with excessive use etc, not when the product is just sitting idle).

I realise the brightness of the screen can play a part, but I trialled lower brightness options and the fans were still going anyway, and honestly if I don’t have the brightness all the way up I feel like I can’t see whites well enough (as I have a 4K Imac desktop right next to me so the difference is quite obvious).
Is it normal for these fans to being going basically as soon as the machine is turned on?
Is it damaging the product?

Hopefully it’s just a “mental” thing, and you get used to them - for some reason because I can hear the aggressive fans I feel like the product is just going to burn itself out, it doesn’t feel like it should be normal, as if the longer I use it the more I’ll be damaging it, which is frustrating because I usually use tablets for hours on end.

Anyway, any thoughts welcome! Hopefully having these fans going 24/7 isn’t reducing the life-span of the product? (As so far regardless of the settings there seems to be no configuration that has allowed the noise/fans to be reduced, except for turning the whole thing off, haha).


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