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Problem of Touch with Cintiq

Posted: Mon 9. Apr 2018, 22:13
by neocorto
Hello Everybody,

At first, sorry for my bad english, I'm french, and speaked no english since my school years for a loooooong years :)
I have a 24 hd touch Cintiq, and I have a problem with it, the pen with pressure is still running, but the touch with fingers no, and appears on my other screen which is a normal screen.

It appears when I made an update of my drivers. Before, it works good, and after with update it becomes unstable, and now no touch. I tried to install a fiew older drivers, but it doesn't work, I called the hotline which gave me the procedure to uninstall the tablet and the drivers. I made it, but allways not working.

So does someone has the solution ?

thanks for all

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Re: Problem of Touch with Cintiq

Posted: Tue 10. Apr 2018, 18:14
by wacom1
I guess you are using Windows. In this case go to control panels -> TabletPC Settings -> Setup -> Touch, then specify the Cintiq as the monitor for touch. Sometimes Windows is confused.

Re: Problem of Touch with Cintiq

Posted: Thu 12. Apr 2018, 20:08
by neocorto

thank you for your answer, I resolved the problem by changing the "master" screen, which was the other screen.