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Re: Cintiq 13HD 'no input signal' on Mac

Posted: Thu 27. Dec 2018, 11:19
by wacom5
To clarify, the Wacom driver handles on the data input. In this case it's responsible for Pen Input. Is does not control the video signal.
The video signal is controled on OS level, like any other display. I am not aware of any issues between our diplays and Mac devices. We use them as well on a daily basis.

Have you tried connecting it directly to and HDMI Output? Perhaps an older gen PC or a game console. This way we can 100% confirm there is no hardware issue.

If the issue persists, please check with customer support:

Re: Cintiq 13HD 'no input signal' on Mac

Posted: Wed 6. Feb 2019, 07:46
by gmsalpha
Still trying to figure it out. I mostly have given up.

I brought my Cintiq to school today, since most of our computers are Windows 10/Lenovo workstations, but some older ones are still Windows 7/Alienware. I thought I'd give them both a try.

On Windows 7, the resolution is capped at 1024 x 768, which is terrible. It's listed as "generic pnp". I can't mirror it, except to make the primary monitor low res as well, and since it's a school computer, I can't download and install any drivers or updates.

On Windows 10, it's the same as at home on my Mac. No input connection/signal detected. It works as an Intuos.

At this point, I honestly give up, since I've called Wacom, I've gone to an Apple store with my MBP, Cintiq, adapter, etc. I've also gone to a Wacom authorized retailer who tried it on their computers (and mine) with a new 3-in-1 cable, a different adapter, etc.

No luck with any of it. The best I can do is poor quality resolution on Windows 7 at school, or Windows 10 via bootcamp.