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Intuos Pro M fresh install issues.

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Intuos Pro M fresh install issues.

Postby wojtekmazur » Wed 25. Apr 2018, 08:24

fresh out of box, new dell precision laptop, new tablet, fresh drivers, updated photoshop.

Wacom goes stupid on me like that. Tons of little buggs, jitters, tool crashes.
Anyone knows how to properly set it up, so it doesn't do stupid stuff like that?
Thanks for you help.

Video presenting the issue:

My system dump info:

Theres more jittering within the brush tool.
As soon as I press the pen to the surface it needs like 100ms to figure I want to draw a line, so it doesnt draw anything in the first moment, then jumps to keep up with my pen movement, and then it goes smooth, but that first moment it gets stupid each time I press it against the tablet.

Theres so many little things that annoy the living heck out of me.

Any cure to this?

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Re: Intuos Pro M fresh install issues.

Postby wacom1 » Wed 25. Apr 2018, 11:27

Open tablet properties, select the pen and minimize the doubleclick distance. Under Windows with the Fall Creators Update and recent updates turn off 'use Windows Ink' or at least use the fix from Microsoft for pen issues here: ... 3650087221

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