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Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Tue 29. Nov 2016, 09:46

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Postby wacom1 » Wed 22. Mar 2017, 09:23

Wacom engineers continue to test different adapters on the market. Not all adapters are available in all regions. - Also please note that for connection to computers with USB-C, it must support USB-C 'Alternate Mode' (Displayport). Not all USB-C ports do that.

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Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Postby George2017 » Wed 22. Mar 2017, 14:52

Thanks wacom1,
from what I found out there's no hdmi2.0 to DP/miniDP converter available on the market yet. There's a plan from Club3D to bring this on the market end of Q2 2017 since there's a demand for that from gamers wanting to connect consoles with hdmi2.0 output to 4k monitors with DP inputs.

It'll be great to have an alternative genuine version of Wacom Link that has hdmi2.0 (or new hdmi 2.1) input instead of miniDP.

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Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Postby NoiZzz » Wed 23. Aug 2017, 10:43

Hi there.

What about HDMI to USB-c adapter?
It supports:
upports USB 3.1 Type-C input and HDMI output
Flexible USB 3.1 Type-C Switching Support for DisplayPort 1.2 Alt Mode
Supports per lane data rates of 5.4Gbps (HBR2), 2.7Gbps (HBR) and 1.62Gbps (RBR)
Supports HDMI 1.4 and former versions
Content protection of HDCP Rx and Tx keys to support HDCP repeater
Supports resolution up to 3840x2160 @30Hz in DisplayPort1.2 in SST mode ... 95&area=en

lookls like it should work with any PC with 4k resolution

Whats Your opinion wacom1?

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Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Postby wacom4 » Wed 23. Aug 2017, 13:52

you might not want to hear this: The adaptor won't work.
It is USB-C to HDMI ("Type-C input and HDMI output").
Thus the direction you are envisioning (HDMI to USB-C) won't work as this is a digital data conversion.

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