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Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Sun 8. Jan 2017, 20:06
by Vclinton
I just bought the cintiq pro 13' and unless you are a mac user it is impossible to see the screen in the tablet. I tried everything and every adapter there is and still my computer doesn't detect the screen. The pc detects the cintiq pro but not the screen. Also all the other cables are connected and the drivers are correct.

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Mon 9. Jan 2017, 20:41
by sceh1234
Try display port---->mini display port adapter

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Mon 9. Jan 2017, 20:53
by joboofoo
If you have a graphics card installed on your computer there may be a displayport output on it next to the HDMI. If there is then you can get a Displayort to Mini-Displayport cable. This worked for me.

I didn't notice this on my GeForce graphics card before I bought a a mini displaypart to hdmi cable which didn't work and then a displayport to hdmi converter, which I no longer need.

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Tue 10. Jan 2017, 08:45
by wacom1
For receiving an HDMI signal from a computer into Cintiq Pro (or MobileStudio Pro) you need an Active 3rd party adapter ie. Startech HDMI2DP, which was tested successfully by engineering. Similar adapters from other companies may work as well, but are not confirmed yet to work.

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Mon 23. Jan 2017, 09:14
by ruach88
Hi Wacom1

I'm looking at your suggested Startech HDMI2DP to connect the CINTIQ pro 16 (4K) to my HDMI laptop.
I see 2 versions on amazon: ... ch+HDMI2DP ... MI2DP&th=1

The first one seems like it supports max 4k 30Hz (but different name to your suggestion) where as the 2nd link is the exact same name "Startech HDMI2DP" but only supprts up to 1920x1200.

I therefore think the 2nd one will not work with the 4k cintiq pro.
I'm Also worried that the 1st option that only supports up to 30Hz (4k) will cause lag/slow response as appose to 60Hz?
At what refresh rate does the cintiq pro operate?

Also Can you point me to the correct converter I should get please.

Many thanks

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Mon 23. Jan 2017, 09:39
by wacom1
The colleges did more testing with different adapters and converters:
Wacom is aware that some customers would like to use HDMI. For Full HD or WQHD displays, like the Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 and Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13, there are a few HDMI to DisplayPort converter options which provide adequate performance if your computer does not have a USB-C port or Mini DisplayPort (see below). Unfortunately, HDMI support is more complicated when it comes to 4K screens. 4K screens are only fully supported by the HDMI 2.0 standard but most computers have only HDMI 1.4 which restricts 4K screens to a 30hz refresh rate and causes unacceptable pen lag. Furthermore, many HDMI to DisplayPort converters only support 4K with 30hz, so even if your computer has HDMI 2.0 it will not give adequate performance with a converter. For good performance your computer needs to output HDMI 2.0 with 60hz refresh rate and the converter chosen must support 60hz. - Tested converters (used with the Wacom Link plus MiniDP to DP cable) were so far:
Startech HD2DP, gofanco HDMI tp displayport (4Kx2k) and Slig HDMI to Displayport 4H UHD active adapter
These work ok with Cintiq Pro 13 and MSP 13" (2560x1440), performance with 2560x1440 is ok on most computer with the Startech adapter, for the other you may only get 30Hz and pen lag, not optimum performance. Gofanco and Slig work with the MSP 16", but performance is not optimal (may drop to lower resolution and run at 30Hz).

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Mon 23. Jan 2017, 19:35
by ruach88
Thanks Wacom1

When they tested the MSP, Could they drop the 16 from 4k to QHD and get 60Hz with the converters? If yes, which converter?
How does the Cintiq pro 16 handle QHD (dropped resolution) in terms of scaling and precision with pen?

I'm thinking I'd rather work with a 16 QHD than a 13 QHD so if the 16 can work at 60Hz on QHD then perfect. Until one day that I upgrade my computer to USB C / Display Port, then run at 4K.


Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Mon 23. Jan 2017, 20:26
by ruach88
Sorry wacom1

I meant can the converter/s handle 2560x1440 at 60 HZ fine for the cintiq pro 16 / MSP 16?
Didn't realise the cintiq pro 13 is only 1920x1080 (thought its QHD)

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Tue 24. Jan 2017, 08:54
by ruach88
Wacom1 if I can find a DP to HDMI2.0 (my laptop currently runs an external 4k screen at 60Hz so does support 2.0)
will that work?

Also does it have to be displayport1.2 or 1.4?

Lastly does it have to be an active converter?

Re: Cintiq Pro problems with Conections PC

Posted: Tue 21. Mar 2017, 17:24
by George2017
There are couple of active adaptors for hdmi 2.0 to minidp 1.2 available on the market that claim to support 4k @60hz (Accell and Club3D have them for example). Can you please test this configuration and make it clear for customers? It feels very unclear why have you tested only adaptors that are not supporting full capacity of hdmi 2.0. base on this article ... 20computer
Cintiq Pro 16 looks like great update for my old Cintiq 12WX, unfortunately USB-C or even MiniDP are not standard for all the computers out there yet, not even all of the new makes from Dell or HP have them.

EDIT: looks like I was wrong, Accell and Club3D do active adapters that work other way around, MiniDP to HDMI 2.0. Just got the reply from Accell that it won't work to connect laptop with hdmi 2.0 output to display with MiniDP input. Any solutions to this? If not that's real dealbreaker for me sadly.

EDIT2: maybe Club3D will deliver some solution this year, based on this thread ... ort-1-2-2/