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Cintiq 16 pro suddenly stopped by windows

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 16 pro suddenly stopped by windows

Postby Andrili11 » Sat 26. May 2018, 10:10

While working with my wacom cintiq pro 16 connected to my dell (13-9343, Windows Home, version 1803, last updated at the 13.05.2018), I do suddenly get an error message from windows, saying that it did not recognise the USB connected device anymore. When opening the wacom software it says, that there is no wacom device connected to the PC.
I have tried several things:
- restarted my PC - did not help
- disconnected the wacom tablet and reconnected - did not help
- removed the wacom driver and reinstalled it, following these instructions: ... 0fcf10d86d - did help for a few minutes until I have received the message again and gone was my tablet.

What else could I do? Until today it worked without technical problems, although not optimal. It worked with Krita only if I have set the display settings to use one screen, the wacom screen only.

Thanks for any help being able to continue my work.


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Re: Cintiq 16 pro suddenly stopped by windows

Postby wacom1 » Sun 27. May 2018, 14:00

Unplug the tablet, uninstall the driver and restart Windows. Check for remaining Wacom entries in device manager and remove them then attach the tablet again. Make sure that Windows detects the device, otherwise try different USB ports/cables and if possible test on another machine. If all looks ok, install the tablet driver. - If same happens after a while, check Windows settings for power options -> advanced settings -> USB

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Joined: Sat 26. May 2018, 09:36

Re: Cintiq 16 pro suddenly stopped by windows

Postby Andrili11 » Mon 18. Jun 2018, 12:43

Thank you. The problem was the usb port o my dell has a bad contact. Changing the port helped.

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