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Does USB-C cable need to be specific Wacom one

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Does USB-C cable need to be specific Wacom one

Postby vputinski » Tue 19. Jun 2018, 22:23


So I am really clumsy, and I tripped on my USB-C cable as I was getting up - the one that connects to the adaptor, and into the display port 1.

I ran out to Best Buy to buy a replacement - I got a generic Type-C to Type-C cable (Brand: TOUGHTESTED), and when I plugged everything in, there was still no display input. I use a Mac with OS High Sierra version 10.13.4 by the way, and everything was working fine before the cable broke.

I have since ordered the specific Wacom replacement USB-C cable from Amazon, hoping that my cintiq isn't damaged, and that the specific replacement cable will do the job.

Can anyone ease my mind a bit on this?? Does the USB-C cable specifically HAVE to be the one from Wacom themselves?

Thank you!

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Re: Does USB-C cable need to be specific Wacom one

Postby xLunaPx » Tue 26. Jun 2018, 19:30

It needs to be rated for 100W since the 16 utilizes PD5 which is the highest for PD on USB-C which is 100W @ 20V 5A

Cable matters are among one of the few that actually sell true rated PD5 cables, though it sounds like the plug on the newer msp16 has a detachable usb-C on it which sounds nice, but yeah I'd check the specs on the cable you purchased and then look up cable matters on amazon for theirs if you're looking for something quick, also make sure the USB C slot isn't damaged on ur Cintiq as well by trying to plug something else in ( if it still has power )

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