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Sorry WACOM, Sierra and CintiqQHD = still doesn´t work

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Mon 9. Jan 2017, 17:10

Sorry WACOM, Sierra and CintiqQHD = still doesn´t work

Postby daveman » Mon 9. Jan 2017, 17:22

Sorry WACOM, Sierra and CintiqQHD = still doesn´t work!
Also the latest driver from 4.1.2017 6.3.20-4 changed NOTHING. Also your support isn´n answering anymore -i wrote the problem to your support and also by phone!
I think will write to something in amazon and smoe words to my local dealer, that it is not the money worth.

So everything works fine in sierra, why not the Cintiq. Don´t forget, this is a Pro hardware, and not fpr playing. So i ca´n to my work with the tablet, just using the mouse. So why have i bought this things for some much money!

Please correct it asap! Ißm really disapointed. You should handle your pro Users with care!

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Joined: Fri 13. Jan 2017, 12:43

Re: Sorry WACOM, Sierra and CintiqQHD = still doesn´t work

Postby apixel1234 » Sat 14. Jan 2017, 11:58

This is terrible. I'm unhappy with my 13HD which I've had for a while before sierra broke it. I get crashes every 10th time I use a remote button. But if I would have newly bought the qhd ( which I almost did ), I would be going mad! I really want the 16 pro upgrade, but this has dissuaded me. It almost okay if there isn't a driver yet, if at least Wacom communicated, but they are saying nothing. A big post on their website saying, Don't upgrade to Sierra, or we are working on it, or anything would at least instill a little faith.

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Joined: Fri 14. Apr 2017, 23:38

Re: Sorry WACOM, Sierra and CintiqQHD = still doesn´t work

Postby lemonsq » Sat 15. Apr 2017, 00:02

Hi Daveman! I am not defending wacom, they really deserve a kick in the bum to get their shit together, but if you are a pro user then you dont upgrade to a new os version/or hardware until you absolutely know everything works and you can continue working :) Backup before so you can revert back to what works...

Posts: 8
Joined: Fri 21. Apr 2017, 06:49

Re: Sorry WACOM, Sierra and CintiqQHD = still doesn´t work

Postby Cloda07 » Fri 21. Apr 2017, 07:06

I won't make the mistake again of upgrading until long after the coast is clear e.g. no complaints on the forum. Between my wife as the illustrator and me as her IT guy, we both lost 2 - 3 days where we couldn't work while I was trying to help her to get her Wacom on Mac responding such that she could work. Eventually, we installed the previous operating system and everything is working perfectly. A very costly mistake by upgrading too soon and not having a backup to roll back to.

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