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AutoCAD pen/touch problem

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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AutoCAD pen/touch problem

Postby Racz21 » Mon 23. Jul 2018, 07:08

I recently started to use a Cintiq 22HD Touch. I am relatively inexperienced with the details of the setting and possibilities, but the relationship between pen and touch seemed a straightforward issue. As I learned in the manual "On some tablet models that support both pen input and touch, the pen disengages touch whenever the pen tip or eraser is within the tablet proximity range. Lift the pen and your hand away from the tablet active area to enable touch."
My Cintiq works in Photoshop wonderfully as stated above. However, I am trying to digitize some raster sources in AutoCAD LT 2019. In AutoCAD my Cintiq does not follow the rule in the manual. My pen is in the proximity range, in a command drawing a line or polyline, and the tablet is frantically receiving input from my hand, which is holding the pen, producing a chaotic mesh of lines between my hand and the tip of the pen. It is like the same all the time I tried. It is obviously on the contrary to the manual.
As it works perfectly with Photoshop, I suspect there must be some underlying system error or a problem of setting.
Has anyone had any experience like that? Thank you very much!!

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Re: AutoCAD pen/touch problem

Postby wacom1 » Thu 26. Jul 2018, 15:13

Some prgrams allow simultanious pen and touch input - usually there is a preference setting for that in the software. If not, you can try a) turn off the 'use Windows Ink' option in the tablet driver, or b) disable touch input only for AcadLT - with an application specific setting in the driver.

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