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Cintiq 13 pro - screen turns black on and off

Posted: Sat 28. Jul 2018, 17:16
by doublepops
I recently bought a cintiq pro 13 and because my laptop only has an hdmi port, i had to buy an adapter from startech (displayport to hdmi). I'm not too happy about it but at least it made my display works even if it's at the cost of having a lot of cables. I've been using it for a few days and the cintiq's screen keeps having the same problem : while using it, the screen will randomly turns black for one second, then go back to normal again. It can happen once every 5 minutes or sometimes not at all during the day. I've tried plugging the cables in different outlets with no changes and the cables are all connected well. Is anyone having the same problem ? I don't know if there's an easy solution to this problem or if the tablet's not working correctly and needs to be returned ......

Re: Cintiq 13 pro - screen turns black on and off

Posted: Sun 29. Jul 2018, 07:06
by wacom1
Randomly black screen can have different reasons: connection/cable (loose connection, too long cable for high resolution), trouble with adapter. The problem has also been seen with NVIDiA graphics and Intel graphics (another driver might help). If possible, test with another computer. Contact Wacom support if the trouble is adapter related.

Re: Cintiq 13 pro - screen turns black on and off

Posted: Sun 29. Jul 2018, 10:21
by doublepops
Just tried it on another laptop and the problem was the same, the screen started flickering as soon as I installed the driver. However I discovered that it was not only the screen that was flickering : the tablet was completely disconnecting itself from my laptop for a second, as the wacom desktop center would not recognize it at the same time the screen will turn black.
I keep my resolution at 1920 x 1080 and the only non Wacom-cable I use is a 1.5m hdmi one that should be powerful enough, friends with the same cables as me never had this problem ....
I don't know enough about drivers and graphics although my laptop should be able to able it, I'll continue contacting Wacom Support in the hopes they help me find a solution....