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Wacom Cintiq 13HD Display Issue (Help!)

Posted: Fri 17. Aug 2018, 01:26
by cupcakex
Hello! I’ve been a Wacom user since 2015, and I recently purchased a Wacom Cintiq 13HD back in December of 2017. I’ve had issues with the 3 in 1 cable included for the longest time. Currently, the part that you plug into the tablet, itself, is frayed, and it’s extremely flimsy. I taped around the part for extra support, and it worked for a while. I haven’t really had any major issues with this until today. I plugged in the USB port and the HDMI plugs into my laptop like usual. My tablet was responsive (light was on and messages came up when not connected) and fine. But the display didn’t come up at all once the HDMI was in. It was super weird, and it scared me a lot. I’m not sure if maybe the display is broken, or if the wire is just completely done for. Messages still came up on the display, so i don’t think it’s really the tablet. maybe my HDMI port on my laptop isn’t working? Im not sure, I’m very confused. When I’d hover my stylus over the wacom, the cursor would still move on my laptop screen, so it’s it like that’s not working. So what’s the problem? Is my display broken? Is my 3 in 1 cable broken? Do I need an adapter because my HDMI port in my laptop is broken? Or is there another issue? Someone help!!!

Re: Wacom Cintiq 13HD Display Issue (Help!)

Posted: Fri 17. Aug 2018, 09:41
by wacom4
Check if the HDMI on your PC works by plugging in any other HDMI-Device (like your TV)
Then I can only recommend to get a new 3-in-1 cable. From your description this will be the cause...
After this we would need to discuss next steps ->