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Cintiq Pro 24" Pro Pen 2 Rotation

Posted: Thu 23. Aug 2018, 16:39
by magicbarry
Just a quick question that I can't seem to find a direct answer to anywhere...

Does the pen that comes packaged with the Cintiq Pro 24" support pen rotation?

I am using brushes that should recognise the rotation of the pen but they are not responding. Seems silly to have to go back to an older, less sensitive Art Pen just to get rotation.


Does Pro Pen 2 Support Rotation?

Posted: Sat 25. Aug 2018, 10:43
by magicbarry
Quick question...

I am using the Cintiq Pro 24". Does the included pen support pen rotation?


Re: Does Pro Pen 2 Support Rotation?

Posted: Thu 6. Sep 2018, 09:08
by wacom4
No, ProPen 2 does not support rotation.
Please use the Art Pen (KP-400E)

See as well ... dc33a82fda