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Cintiq Pro 13" - Computer Connection Issues

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq Pro 13" - Computer Connection Issues

Postby jje10001 » Mon 1. Oct 2018, 17:15

Hi all,

I've just gotten a Cintiq Pro 13", and I haven't been able to get it to work on my desktop computer (Windows 7).

Of course, I then realized that my computer didn't have a Mini DisplayPort, but a normal DisplayPort, but I decided to try it anyways without that cable.

Try 1

I uninstalled all previous drivers (RIP Graphire3), updated all graphics cards, cleared the registry of any Wacom Entries, installed the new Cintiq driver, and plugged it in via Wacom Link Plus- the computer seemed to register the tablet and installed the pen driver (the touch functions worked), but for some reason, the Device Manager did not register any tablets plugged into my computer.

On the other hand, the Wacom Desktop Center did register the tablet, despite nothing showing on the screen- which meant that the tablet was at least connected via the USB A cable.

I saw that people were saying that this adapter worked, and so I ordered it:

StarTech DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Video Cable Adapter

Try 2

Anyways, once the adapter arrived a few days later, I uninstalled the driver, cleared the registry of Wacom entries again, and then reinstalled the driver for safe measure. The computer still doesn`t register the tablet, and on top of that, Wacom Desktop Center also no longer registers the tablet. The Pen Driver also isn`t installing on its own, so touch functionalities don't work either. I've tried with multiple DisplayPort and USB ports as well, but the tablet screen is still stating that there's no connection.

One other thing I`ve noticed is that the Wacom Link Plus, despite the manual showing that the power supply could be plugged into it, doesn`t seem to supply any power to the tablet itself- could this be an issue with the Wacom Link Plus?

The current setup is this:

Tablet > Power Cable > Socket
Tablet > USB C Cable > Wacom Link Plus
Wacom Link Plus > USB A Cable > Computer USB Port 3.0 (?)
Wacom Link Plus> Mini Displayport Cable > StarTech Adapter > Computer Displayport

I'm going to do a system restore to a pre-install state and also test it on some other computers, but some advice on this would be much appreciated.

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Re: Cintiq Pro 13" - Computer Connection Issues

Postby wacom5 » Tue 2. Oct 2018, 08:24

First think that you need to be aware is that the Wacom driver has no influence of the video signal. You should be able to get an image on the display even if you don't install the driver.
The driver will manage the Pen and Touch input data which is transmitter via USB-A. This means that this component or your device is working. No need to check further here.

Now for the video, I recommend that:
- You try different cables and different adapters
- Make sure the DisplayPort connection in your computer is working by connecting a different external monitor
- Check for updates for your computer

If this doesn't work, contact our support.

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