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Mojave changed my issues, but they are still there!

Posted: Fri 5. Oct 2018, 09:34
by RobArt
Hi all

Not getting much luck from support. They keep asking me to try on another computer, like I have several computers sitting around.
Anyway, the issues have been going on since January time. You can see them if you look at my subscriptions.
The issues were, it randomly put up the settings screen, and did some changes in Photoshop preferences, etc. as well as not indicating the correct battery level.
After the last but one update, some things improved, but mainly it was a slowdown rather than fix.

Last week I updated to Mojave, and the latest updates for the Cintiq.
My issues now include. Randomly totally deleting the preference settings for Photoshop, so the remote doesn't work, disconnecting the pen, so it's not visible, and telling the battery is empty, on initial switch on of the remote, after a full recharge and first boot. Today, my pen, after calibration is lagging like a limp tortoise, so I can't actually do any effective work.

Support won't try and repair it unless I go through several steps, all take time and 'another' computer, none of which I have. Seems I can't replace it under guarantee and can only have a refurbished one, if this one is proven to be faulty. All seems like a tremendous price to pay, for something that is not doing it's job properly.
That said, if there is a potential conflict with my macOS or machine, it would be good to know what it possible could be, to see if I can fix that.
Living in hope

is there anyone else out there with similar issues!!?

Re: Mojave changed my issues, but they are still there!

Posted: Fri 5. Oct 2018, 14:22
by wacom5
Your post is a little confusing but from what I understand, the issues might not be related to the driver but to the USB connection. If you are in contact with the support team, I assume they already asked you to try a different USB cable (from the Cintiq to your computer).
Since you also mentioned the Remote I guess you have a Cintiq 27QHD so please make sure you tried a cable directly in the back of the computer. Also make sure you avoid USB hubs at any cost.