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Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Sat 20. Oct 2018, 10:37
by spiteyourface
Hi, I'm just using my Cintiq Pro 24 (non touch) fresh out the box. This is my first pen display and I'm breaking it in by pushing some basic brush strokes around a Photoshop document. And I have to say that even though I've calibrated the pen, I'm experiencing a lot of lag.

The tablet is decidedly producing strokes after I've drawn them and not while, sometimes by an annoyingly long fraction of a second, sometimes by up to a second. Not the "amazing" drawing experience I've been sold. If I draw at my actual natural drawing speed, making faster lines as you would for crosshatching or scribbling, it's not really keeping up.

It's running off a Mac Pro 5,1 (2010) 8-core 2.4Ghz, 64Gb memory, Nvidia GTX Titan XP, High Sierra 10.13.4

The 2010 may seem an older machine to some, but with the extra ram and Nvidia's top Mac compatible graphics card it's close enough to the specs of current generation Mac Pro's and certainly should be fast enough to draw some basic strokes in a blank Photoshop document?

I'm also running a second monitor, but the lag is the same even when I unplug it. Additionally I am getting flashes of black screen, presumably where the refresh is struggling to catch up. Which I feel it really shouldn't be doing on a machine with these specs.

Any idea why this is happening or what I can do to optimize the running of this device?

The unboxing experience was pretty annoying. Wacom, aspiring to be more like Apple, or Muji or something, only provide a bunch of silly visual diagrams for set up, with no real hardware advice, and no specification requirements beyond which OS is supported. I've thus connected the device using the set up advised on the box, which I assume is optimum?

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Tue 23. Oct 2018, 09:01
by wacom5
I assume your Mac is also fully up to date. The lag you describe is definitely and visual rendering issue.
Make sure you install the latest Wacom driver from
Once this is done, please:
Open System Preferences
Select Wacom Tablet
Click About
Click Diagnose

Observe the pen response in the X/Y coordinates. If the response has no delay here. It confirms that the lag is visual.
Please make sure your Mac is fully up to date. On the book, the specs should be enough but if this is rendering lag, the issue is not on the Wacom Cintiq Pro 24.

Your graphics card is very up to date. I assume you upgraded recently so we should consider some configuration issues here. Do you also experience lag then mirroring the displays? This will confirm the lag issue is in the computer rendering. The extra RAM will not help with here. Please make sure the GFX driver is up to date.

Could you also test with a different computer?

As for the black screen flashes, could be a connection issue, unrelated with the lag. Please check all the cables again and use a different video connection if possible.

if the issues persist, you should consider contacting our support.

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Thu 25. Oct 2018, 21:33
by spiteyourface
My system is as up date as it can be. Since original post I updated High Sierra to 10.13.6. The 2010 machines can't update to Mojave at present without a long-winded hack.

My Wacom drivers and all related drivers are also all up to date. Additionally I'm now running 128gb memory (twice when I originally posted) but the problem persists.

The black-out flash/refresh glitch is pretty frequent, basically any time my hand speeds up any, or I change brushes or otherwise place any basic demand on the system.

I can't really run a reliable mirroring test because the other monitor isn't 4k, and OSX forces the mirroring to match the smaller display, not the other way around, which in turn remaps the spatial relationship to the pen as to make it innacurate. Also, it therefore tells us little about the systems running of the 4k space.

I don't have another machine to test it with.

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Fri 26. Oct 2018, 10:23
by wacom5
Thank you for confirming.
As I said, the RAM will not change anything if this is a GFX issue.

I found some other users reporting this flickering issue and it seems to be related to nVidia: ... nitor.html

Most of these users seem to be Windows users however. I have not seen this on Mac yet.
Could you at least try a different type of connection form the one you are using? HDMI for example?

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Sun 28. Oct 2018, 09:24
by hardworker
maybe if you are using new version of photoshop (2018) the problem is with the new function “smoothing option“? check the video here about that:

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Wed 31. Oct 2018, 15:23
by spiteyourface
The photoshop thing was informative, but no, it's nothing to do with that.

And I've now tried connecting with both HDMI or Displayport, respectively, and it makes no difference. If I 'challenge' the Cintiq in any way, by drawing quickly (ie my actual drawing speed) then it fakes out in some way, either drawing with what for me is too much of a delay to function, or blacking out (for a fraction of a second, but frequently enough to be annoying).

Is it as simple as my processor can't handle the 4k real estate (in addition to the 2.5k main monitor)? Or is it something more simple I should be able to resolve? Wacom gave out no real hardware advice re; requirements for this product beyond what ports and O.S are needed. If it can intrinsically only function on the very newest machines they should advise as such.

(Update:) I've noticed that (maybe) the black out only occurs within the Photoshop document space and not the whole screen as I previously registered, which may make it an interaction between Photoshop draw speeds and the device, but I'm still none the wiser on how to resolve that?

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Mon 5. Nov 2018, 18:19
by spiteyourface
This problem is still ongoing.
I've opened a thread in the Adobe forums to find solutions to it as a Photoshop problem, but that doesn't let Wacom off the hook just because it's manifesting in Photoshop. I still have to assume it's an interaction between Photoshop and the Cintiq and could be a shared issue from Wacom's end? I don't really have any other powerful paint packages installed to compare against.

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Fri 9. Nov 2018, 09:01
by wacom5
Still not able to replicate this. If the black out is only on the Photoshop portion then the issue should actually be related to the graphics card and the rendering in PS. Perhaps it would be wise to involve the GFX manufacturer and Nvidia in the equation as well.

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Sun 24. Feb 2019, 19:00
by tmwilson
I believe I might have the same problem. Not with the screen blacking out, but with the pen lag. In photoshop and in Adobe Animate the response time is just too slow. In Animate I can't even draw a circle without the lines becoming jagged from the lag. This is a brand new device on a brand new Mac Mini bought in February 2019. Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?

Re: Cintiq Pro 24, lag

Posted: Mon 25. Feb 2019, 09:39
by wacom5
tmwilson wrote:I believe I might have the same problem. Not with the screen blacking out, but with the pen lag. In photoshop and in Adobe Animate the response time is just too slow. In Animate I can't even draw a circle without the lines becoming jagged from the lag. This is a brand new device on a brand new Mac Mini bought in February 2019. Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?

If you are having issues, start by trying the steps here:
Please clarify how you are connecting the Cintiq Pro to the Mac.

I know I sounds biased, but I highly doubt this is a Wacom issue. The Cintiq Pro hardware is not causing the lag since you seem to be able to navigate the OS without issues. The Wacom Driver only manages the pen data and provides the OS with the data. You can verify this through the driver diagnostics (Wacom Tablet Preferences > About > Diagnose)

They way you describe it seems more like a rendering issue between the graphics card and the Adobe Software. If issues persists, please check