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Express button toggle for windows ink?

Posted: Sat 8. Dec 2018, 10:32
by PeterKelly
During recent discussion with support regarding some bizarre behaviour of express key settings I have been getting, I asked why the nonsense regarding the 'Windows Ink' issue still existed and was given the usual spiel about it being Microsoft's fault (I feel sure that Wacom could create code that would 'deactivate' the conflicting behaviour).

However, when I asked why this wasn't done on a simple level, by using an express key shortcut instead of burying the Windows Ink toggle in the 'calibration' menu, was astonished that the support guy seemed to think this was a new idea!

Please tell me that this isn't true but, if it is, tell me that it can be implemented without delay? The is a truly ridiculous issue that has gone on for years and interferes with one of the primary functions and benefits of a tablet. Quite why Microsoft went down this route I have no idea; more bizarre given the close working with Wacom and their technology. To not have resolved it by now just beggars belief.

Re: Express button toggle for windows ink?

Posted: Mon 10. Dec 2018, 09:11
by wacom5
I'm not sure that is such a great idea. Windows Ink should not be treated as toggle. Advanced users should know what it does and turn it off only if it is really needed to do so. You should only need to turn it off once and let it stay like that. Most of the users will never have issues with Windows Ink so why over complicate things? There are already some settings for ExpressKeys that no one uses, why add more?

Also to clarify, this is not "Microsoft's fault" or anyone else's for that matter. Microsoft made some changes to how the operating system handles pen Input. Not only from Wacom pens but also for the Surface line and other manufacturers. Many of the issues reported are related with how 3rd party software deals with these changes. I'm not going to pretend I know how hard or easy it is to fix some of these issues. However, if it was that simple, I'm sure it would already be done. Everyone wants their products to work as best as possible right?

For your use case, what you can do, is use the feature to use different settings for different apps, and set Windows Ink to not be used for those specific Apps. If you happen to have an extra pen, you can also set one pen to work with Windows Ink and the other one without.

Re: Express button toggle for windows ink?

Posted: Tue 11. Dec 2018, 09:45
by PeterKelly
Erm, forgive me if I'm wrong, but does not the Microsoft Surface use the Wacom technology under licence?

That makes your smart-alec reply even more ridiculous. As to what a user would, or would not, like to do regarding 'Windows Ink', that should be up to the user. All I know is that it is a really, really annoying feature for me and having to set up every different application to either use it or not is beyond belief.

Re: Express button toggle for windows ink?

Posted: Tue 11. Dec 2018, 10:40
by wacom5
Microsoft used Wacom Penabled technology in the 2 first Surface generations, like other manufacturers like Lenovo and Toshiba.
On Surface 3rd gen they acquired N-Trig and made it their own technology. You can read more here:

I was merely responding to your request to implement this change without delay and giving you some insight on why this is not something already implemented. Changes like that cannot be made without investigation and testing. And I am no just talking about code.

Regardless, I already sent them your feedback. If this is considered valuable then it should be implemented in the future.