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Express Remote not powering up

Posted: Sun 11. Dec 2016, 18:30
by DavideScalia
I own a cintiq 27qhd bought in september. Today i've been painting as usual but suddenly the remote powered off; i thought i just needed to recharge it but after a few minutes in -the computer noticed power was at 37%- the device won't still power up. I just get the blue led and then nothing! Don't really know what to do...

Re: Express Remote not powering up

Posted: Mon 12. Dec 2016, 10:11
by wacom1
When you switch the Express Remote Key On, the LED should be blue for some seconds, then turn off and the button LED should come on. If all goes off, it may not be able to connect and pair with the dongle or the driver may have stopped. If all lights goes off after few seconds, check if the driver can still detect it, unplug and replug the USB dongle or try it in another USB port. - If you cannot get it back working, contact Wacom support, it is possible, that the hardware has a defect.