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cable problem

Posted: Fri 28. Dec 2018, 00:21
by frenkp
Hi, i'm new to this forum. The reason why i need help is because i received a new laptop lately and the machine does not have a DV-I/ DV-D or a VGA exit. it only has a HDMI exit. I have a Cintiq 24 HD and it didnt come with a HDMI cable . I tried to apply an Asus adaptor to HDMI to the VGA cable but it doen't work; if i switch to the cintiq display the compiuter goes to stanby and the Cintiq only runs for a few second only showing a black display. can anyone help me?


Re: cable problem

Posted: Fri 28. Dec 2018, 09:34
by wacom5
I would recommend you to find an HDMI to DVI-D or DVI-I adaptor. Unfortunately I cannot recommend you a specific adaptor but there are still plenty on the market.