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Problem with 16 Pro display toggle

Posted: Fri 11. Jan 2019, 16:16
by Suekichi
When switching between monitors, the pen cursor will be like 10-15 centimeters away under where the pen nib is pointing. Oddly, the further right of center on the screen that I go, the closer the cursor comes to the pen nib. Like, the cursor follows the pen nib and closes in on it. Weird.

A renewed calibration of the cintiq fixes this, but more often than not, it won't allow me to calibrate. So, I have to turn the cntiq on and off.

Turning the cintiq off and on again works, but it's a hassle having to do this over and over again throughout the day.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

drivers are updated. Windows 10 system. The cintiq is running 4K resolution via wacom link plus.

Re: Problem with 16 Pro display toggle

Posted: Mon 14. Jan 2019, 10:11
by wacom5
First, you need to define how you want Display toggle to behave. Do you want it to control both monitors form the Cintiq, or do you want it to control either one or the other. Please try and experiment with each behavior and see which one suits you better.
As for having to calibrate each time and needing to power the device On and Off sounds like and OS issue. Like the OS is closing the driver services.

Please try a clean driver install - ... -(manually)-and-re-install-the-Wacom-driver-on-Windows-for-a-Pen-Tablet%2C-Pen-Display%2C-or-Pen-Computer%3F&guideId=ce67b2c8-4f6f-47c8-93cd-4c6581992d1c