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Cintiq Pro 16 acting weird

Posted: Sun 13. Jan 2019, 15:40
by Suekichi
When drawing on the Cintiq 16 Pro in normal mode, the cintiq will occasionally act like a tablet. And then immediately switch back to normal mode. Making my pen on the cintiq register as if my clicking on the other monitor, making web pages inadvertently scroll up or down, or if I'm on youtube, it'll click on another link, inadvertently starting a whole new video.

It's really odd. Not sure what to do. I have Windows 10. Drivers are up to date.

Could it be a photoshop issue? (photoshop is the only program I use the cintiq on)

Never had this problem with the 13hd

Re: Cintiq Pro 16 acting weird

Posted: Mon 14. Jan 2019, 10:14
by wacom5
Please re-check the cable connections and make sure nothing is lose. This could also be an issue with your graphics card so check if there are any driver updates available. Does this only happen when using Photoshop?