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Cintiq ProHD 13 Touch Infrequently Responsive After Pen Use

Posted: Sun 3. Feb 2019, 09:57
by jordanime

I have been using my Cintiq HD 13 for several years with two additional monitors for several years now running Windows 10 to mostly favorable results. However, recently I have found that the touch screen is randomly unresponsive after using the pen. Using the diagnostic tool, I confirmed that the device is registering the touches and transmitting data. When I uninstalled the driver, I was able to transfer between the pen and touch functions without fail, however without the drivers, the device doesn't function properly.

I rolled the driver back to 6.3.31 and 6.3.29 from 6.3.32 and even cleared out as many registry entries as I could find, all attempts to remedy the problem this way have failed. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues and could help.

Re: Cintiq ProHD 13 Touch Infrequently Responsive After Pen Use

Posted: Mon 4. Feb 2019, 10:52
by wacom5
Sounds as if Palm Rejection is not working as expected. When you remove the pen from table proximity, do you still see the pen being picked up by the driver diagnostics?
Does the touch start responding again after a while or it only works after you approach the pen and remove it from proximity again?
Did it happen only after you installed Windows 10, or was it working well already under Windows 10? Did you make any updates to Windows 10 recently?Does this happen generally, or only with specific applications?
Is palm rejection enabled or disabled in Windows Ink? See:

Re: Cintiq ProHD 13 Touch Infrequently Responsive After Pen Use

Posted: Tue 5. Feb 2019, 08:26
by jordanime
Thanks for getting back to me. Looking at the diagnostic tool, removing the pen from the tablet sometimes doesn't result in proximity: Out state for several seconds, sometimes it's instantaneous, it seems fairly random. It does change the switch state from 1 to all open every time I remove the pen from proximity, however. During this time, touch commands are rejected, even though they are registered until it switches to Proximity: Out state.

On a similar note, I am able to test with another Wacom stylus have for an Itous Pro tablet, it has the same results with the diagnostics and in functionality, so it's not pen. It also happens anywhere I use the pen on the screen's surface.

This is a global issue across windows and all programs and the Windows interface. I have automatic updates on Windows 10 this only seems to have been an issusince last week. However this may be related, but for some time the tablet has a similarly slow reaction when I switch over to the eraser. The tool tip either doesn't register, gets stuck on the eraser, or doesn't switch back from pen to eraser in a random fashion.

Re: Cintiq ProHD 13 Touch Infrequently Responsive After Pen Use

Posted: Wed 6. Feb 2019, 07:57
by wacom5
Thank you for the details and for further testing with a different pen and the eraser.
We cannot exclude an hardware issue with the tablet pen sensor.
I recommend that you contact the Customer Support Team for further investigation -