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Seeking advice on computer to partner my Pro 32

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Seeking advice on computer to partner my Pro 32

Postby Abudephane » Sun 24. Feb 2019, 17:23


I’m hoping some seasoned folks here can advise me on what route might be best for me when choosing a new computer that is sufficiently powerful to drive my new Cintiq Pro 32.
At the moment my only computer is a 2015 13” MacBook Pro, connected to the Apple 27” Thunderbolt Display. This can drive a 4K Display but I intend buying Painter, as well as several other art programs to finally move to a pen display for illustration.
Right now that’s all I’m focussed on - 2D illustration, no 3D or animation. But I want to work on extremely large canvas’ so I need a computer to be able to give me minimal lag with ultra-high resolutions.

I’ve only ever used a Mac, and would ideally like stay with Mac OSX; however I want something really quite powerful and right now I just don’t see a viable option with Macs. So, I am prepared to enter the windows world, although with some trepidation.
Obviously I’ve not therefore ever built a PC, and there again, I am not chomping at the bit to go that route, although it is an option.
So I’m interested to see what options are out there to give me a powerful rig to go with my Pro 32.
Are the Wacom engines not that good of a deal? I5 for £1500, Xeon for £2000 ...?
Or do some of you think that there is a possibility of Wacom updating the engines this year to more powerful hardware?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
Be well.

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