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2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Wed 27. Feb 2019, 01:35
by Abudephane

Just connected up my Pro 32 tonight as I’m not getting anything new PC-wise for a while.

So I’m on my 2015 MacBook Pro 13”, which I’ve read can drive 4K displays at their full resolution.
Firstly my Cintiq is showing at 2560 x 1440. I’ve connected it to DisplayPort on my Mac using the provided adaptor, and after trying to figure out why the Cintiq is not natively display at 4K, I’ve got nowhere. If you can help it would ease my worries a bit as I fully expected it to just be at 4K, when turned on. All drivers are current, I’m running Mac OSX 11 - El Capitan.

Secondly - right now I can not access the internet with both my external Apple display, and the Cintiq connected. If I disconnect the Apple display the internet starts working again, but with both displays on, nothing.
The weird thing is that when I first turned it all on the internet was fine. I was using the Cintiq screen and downloaded the updated drivers. Now, after a couple of restarts, it just hangs. Any thoughts would be a big help.

Edit: Whats happening is that the wi-fi connection is intermittently disconnecting and the only way to reconnect is to restart my Mac. This has obviously been caused my installing the updates earlier. I'm wondering if anybody else is experiencing this.

Also, even though this Mac has display port 2, could my not getting 4K be anything to do with my still running El Capitan?


Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Wed 27. Feb 2019, 08:42
by wacom5
Sounds like you have several different issues with your Mac. Any reason why you still using OSX 10.11? I highly recommend that you upgrade your OS and install all the necessary updates.

As for the resolution, try a different USB port and play around a bit with the Mac display settings. If you are mirroring the displays then the resolution will default to the standard res of your Mac's retina display.

Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Wed 27. Feb 2019, 12:05
by Abudephane
Hi, thankyou for the response.
Next day I’m no better off.
I still cannot find a way to get my Cintiq 32 to Display at 4K. I have confirmed with Apple tech support this morning that my model Mac does support 4K over DisplayPort, and tried different things on the Mac side but nothing worked.

Also - the other issue I mentioned is very frustrating, that with my Cintiq connected and turned on, I can no longer connect to the internet. I have never had this happen before, with any other device, but it works fine on my Mac as soon as I disconnect my Cintiq.
Tried different ports and nothing works, until I unplug the cintiq.
I updated all the drivers to current last night when I turned on my Cintiq for the first time,

I have also updated to current build of OSX Mojave.

No 4K, and no internet - please help!

Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Wed 27. Feb 2019, 12:44
by Abudephane
I’ve just gone through, to the letter, the uninstall drivers guide from the Wacom site, and downloaded and reinstalled them again.
Just restarted my Mac, and the internet is accessible again - just need to see if it stays that way now ....

I can’t get my head around why I can’t get 4K to work. There’s a great YouTube’r (Robert Hranitzky) who has a video reviewing the Pro’s and the engines using his Mac Pro 2013, and he says that at first he was stuck at 2560/1440 resolution but then when he used the DisplayPort adaptor provided he got 4K. But Apple have confirmed that my 2014 MacBook Pro is equally able to drive 4K. I’m using that adaptor, and nothing.

What next can I do on the 4K side?


Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Wed 27. Feb 2019, 15:58
by wacom5
As far the Wi-Fi not working, you might have a problem with the USB ports. I have no record of this happening with our device specifically but I have founds reports of this happening with other devices:
Try using a different USB port and see if the issue persists.

As for the video issue - your Mac might not be detecting the Cintiq correctly.
You could try a different cable or adaptor to make sure this is not the issue.
Also, please if you can open the Wacom Display Settings from the Wacom Desktop Center and see if the OS is able to detect the device.

Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Wed 27. Feb 2019, 16:31
by Abudephane
Thanks for responding.

The internet is still working so perhaps the reinstallation of the drivers helped there.
Yes the OS detects the display from the display settings in Wacom desktop centre.
I’ve tried both USB ports and both Displayports on my Mac.
The only other connection i could try would be hdmi from the cintiq. Would that drive 4K, or should it?
I would have thought it unlikely that this particular DisplayPort cable & adaptor is faulty though, wouldn’t you?
I know, it’s about ruling things out, but stil.

Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Thu 28. Feb 2019, 13:34
by wacom5
An HDMI 2.0 port on the computer is required for 4K resolution.

If the Cintiq is being detected correctly then the Mac should be able to recognise the max res do be 4k and make it available. It seems that the limitation is coming from something else. Could be a graphics card issue or a OS issue as well.
Please take a look here:
and here:

Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Thu 28. Feb 2019, 15:57
by Abudephane
Thanks for your thoughts.
To be honest, right now I’m thinking that this particular, exactly this model of MacBook Pro, isn’t able to drive a 4K Display, even given what Apple tech support have told me.

That said, I have already questioned in the forums concerning advice about what best pc set-up I could aim for. That was because I intend working with ultra-high res files and didn’t expect this Mac to be suitably equipped.
However at this point I cannot even get 4K, and as I said, my gut instinct is that this is not a fault issue, but something else. I’ve researched a lot on the net, and found conflicting opinions.

I simply have to try something else and then see if this Cintiq works as it normally should
I have been pondering going the most convenient, if not most affordable, route and simply buy a Cintiq Engine, or perhaps one of the new Mac Mini’s, which has the advantage of staying in the OSX environment.

My worry with the Engine choice is that it’s a lot of money and perhaps Wacom might upgrade them a year after their release to keep their specs ‘current’ regarding their cost.
This is an important decision as buying the Pro 32 was a huge investment for me.

Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Thu 28. Feb 2019, 16:04
by Abudephane
I’ve just read on an Apple support document that this Mac, on HDMI, supports 3840x2160, at 30Hz.
When I connected the HDMI cable I got 1080 res and of course it looked pretty bad.
Maybe there was a setting to be chosen that displayed the 4K res that I didn’t choose.
But would it be a substantially inferior experience using the 32 for 4K at 30, rather than 60 Hz?

Re: 2 problems using my Pro 32 ....

Posted: Tue 5. Mar 2019, 09:44
by wacom5
30Hz vs 60Hz is noticeable when watching videos or playing games but is negligible when working on static images in my opinion. In the end it's a matter of preference.