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Power save as a shortcut - usability issues with tablet mode and fan noise

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Power save as a shortcut - usability issues with tablet mode and fan noise

Postby aernative » Tue 2. Apr 2019, 13:40

Sometimes when I start using the tablet with my Mac Book Pro (4xUSB-c model) usually with 3 things attached (in this case iPhone charging, the tablet itself and an LG 5K display) the tablet display isn't recognised, the tablet still works and it then goes into power saving mode.

Now this isn't perfect and on issue is obviously that it should have recognised the tablet and started in display mode and that needs ironing out, however Ive also spotted that there is something really cool about this.

I often dont need to use the display and just want to use the tablet as a tablet, however - tablet mode still runs the fans and the tablet noise is very annoying... when this power saving mode is at play the tablet still operated and the fans are not running which is ideal when you just want to use it like an old school tablet. I've got the express keys remote so I have no need of any other pointing device and I dont always want to run both screens.

Is it possible (doesn't appear to be) for the user to assign a shortcut on the express keys remote to trigger the powersaving or reverse on the tablet and allow it to operate in this same mode? I can find no option to do this but it would be a great thing to have since a silent running mode that enables me to use the device not as a display would be great - also that same shortcut could be a toggle to ask trigger attempting to pickup the display - usually just powering the tablet down and on fixes it and the display is back but then I'm stuck with fan noise, even when I switch to tablet mode.

Perhaps tablet mode should turn the fans off too????

To be clear - when it's in this power-saving mode the power light is orange, the express keys are not illuminated yet the pen is still working on the main display.

Usually after in tablet mode or display mode for a few mins the fans kick in - which is most annoying and pointless since the tablet is cold!

Come on wacom... this product is almost a great product... "make wacom's great again"

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Re: Power save as a shortcut - usability issues with tablet mode and fan noise

Postby wacom5 » Wed 3. Apr 2019, 08:08

As you already noticed, it is not possible to add this "toggle" to the ExpressKey and set it up in the driver. This is controlled by the Cintiq's firmware alone.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Perhaps this is something that should be considered in future generations. I will be happy to pass this along to the team. Can you just confirm which Cintiq model do you have?

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